Saturday, 3 January 2015

Welcoming 2015!

It has been a while since I last blogged about life. Normally people will be busy spending time catching up with friends and family members during Christmas till New Year! 

The year end of 2014 was a bit different for me. I was scheduled to work through Christmas till New Year but that's okay. Took some time off the busy working schedule for a nice meal to reward myself for the work done. Since it is raining quite a bit those days, a nice meal at the steamboat restaurant would definitely warm you up also!

Christmas has always been the time of the year where nearly everyone would be pumped up and always in a good mood! I believe the long holidays and the anticipation for a better new year makes everyone excited and happy too! How about Snoppy for Christmas this year?

This year my company did something very different and sponsored the employees and their family members to a Movie Day! It is pretty cool as everyone could come together and get to know your colleague's family in a closer and better way. The movie selected was perfect in the sense that it was suitable for kids and adults. It was a fun filled night for us all for sure!


The New Year has always been linked with fireworks! People will gather at the famous locations for the countdown and witness the fireworks to signal the arrival of the New Year! Let's look forward to 2015 in a positive manner and make it a great year for us all!

Have a fabolous 2015! May this New Year bring you good health, wealth and most importantly peace amongst us all!