Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Match Review : Barcelona 6 Getafe 0

The Spanish La Liga mid week match saw the league leaders Barcelona host Getafe at Camp Nou. Barcelona the current leaders with an advantage of 2 points over their rivals Real Madrid. Real will be playing later on 30-April at 2:00AM (GMT+8) against Almeria who is currently placed 17th and trying to avoid the relegation battle.

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Many would have expected the home side to secure the victory in front of their football fans. Barcelona lived up to the expectation and delivered 6 goals at Camp Nou. When the scoreline is 6 goals, it means that the whole team has been performing at the utmost highest standard with all team members excelling in their respective zones.

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And we have the famous trio up front banging in the goals that Barcelona needs to secure the victory and inch closer to the Spanish League title. Suarez, Neymar and Messi have combined to score 100 goals and I believe this is a beginning of the great trio up front.

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From the statistics, it is definitely a one sided show with the home side bossing around. Barcelona had a few more chances in the second half but they were unfortunate not to score. Any how, it has been a great night at Camp Nou with the fans happily singing away.

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With 4 more games to go, it is all in Barcelona's hands to win or to let the title slip away. It might be a bit tricky with Real Madrid trailing behind them with just a mere 2 points if they manage to win their game later this week. Both Barcelona and Real Madrid will have to focus on the Champions League matches too. Looks like it will be an interesting finish to the La Liga season for sure. Stay tuned for the best in action!

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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Match Summary : Arsenal 0 Chelsea 0

The game of the week took place and many were curious of the outcome as if the home side could snatch 3 points away from Chelsea, they might be within Mathematical chances of winning the title.

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No Diego Costa for The Blues on this day and what surprised many was the key figure of The Blues for the previous seasons, Didier Drogba was on the bench too. Oscar was given the nod to kick start things off.

Arsenal had a lot of possession in this game but they failed to convert their chances. There were shouts for penalty on both sides of the field as both teams tried to snatch the winner.

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Chelsea created one of the best chances at the 16th minute. Cesc Fabregas's long ball up field split the defence and was able to pick up Oscar running forward. Arsenal's goalkeeper, David Ospina rushed off his line and lunged forward in attempt to block the pass. David missed the ball completely and took out Oscar but the calls for penalty by The Blues was waved on by referee Michael Olivier.

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Arsenal had a penalty appeal themselves on the 33rd minute when Santi Cazorla's rising shot his the left arm of Gary Cahill. The shouts for penalty from the army of Red were turned down by the referee again. The Gunners had another chance during a scramble in the penalty box before half time but Mesut Ozil's shot was straight to the goalkeeper.

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It was mostly Arsenal after the break but there weren't any real danger for Chelsea as they were comfortable to sit back and counter on the break. The Chelsea defenders were rock solid on this night as they were able to keep things well organized behind. The Arsenal forwards and midfielders looked a bit lost as their continuous attempts didn't produce the goal that they really need!

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And if Chelsea beat Leicester on Wednesday night, they will be crowned Champions! I guess it is a bit too late for the other teams to put a stop to The Blues now.

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The Blues will be in Sydney this June. Lucky for the Aussies to be able to watch them live then!

Health Benefits of Fruits

In this modern society, many of us are trying to live a healthy lifestyle and food plays an important role for sure. Check out the benefits of the common fruits that are easily available.

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Now you know what is good for you, eat the right fruits and be healthy!

Sunday, 26 April 2015

The Blues Statistics Against The Gunners

Check out the last 5 matches for Chelsea against Arsenal!

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Records are meant to be broken so all the players will have to work hard for another victory if there is at The Emirates!

Match Prediction : Arsenal vs Chelsea

The EPL game of the week would definitely be between the Arsenal vs Chelsea match which will kick off on Sunday, 26-April-2015 at 23:00 (GMT+8).

Chelsea who is currently the leader in the BPL has 10 points advantage over their rivals Arsenal. Arsenal's record at Emirates Stadium this season is ranked no 4 in BPL with 15 games played, 11 victories, 3 draws and suffered 1 loss with 37 goals scored and 12 goals scored against. I would say it is pretty decent record thus far. As for the visitors, their away record is the best in the league with 16 games played, 10 victories, 4 draws and suffered 2 losses with 34 goals scored and 19 goals scored against. Both teams seem to be capable of scoring goals and conceding maybe 1 goal per game.

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For the Arsenal, the in-form Alexis Sanchez has been on the headlines for the recent weeks. His fantastic work rate and vision of goal has rewarded him with the multiple goals scored recently. I would feel that besides his work rate, other team members like Mesut Oezil will be able to step up to the occasion too. Mesut was in the Real Madrid squad which was coached by Jose Mourinho, the Chelsea manager for the past couple of years. Mesut would definitely be clear about the tactics deployed by his former coach and might have something to say about how his coach might have manage his current Chelsea team. The Arsenal midfield will have to hold things together and try to break down Chelsea's counter attack which they are so good at. Once that portion is solved, Arsenal would have the possession and then think about moving forward to try to score the precious goal.

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Chelsea come to this game with a slight chance that Diego Costa might be leading the attack line. He will be given the clearance late on Sunday to see if he is fit for the match. I would still feel that the game for Chelsea has always been won by the midfielders. Eden Hazard and Cesc Fabregas need no introduction as they have shown to the world how good they have been. Eden Hazard has 13 goals to his name and another 13 for assists. He is currently the second top scorer for his team. As for Cesc Fabregas, he has 3 goals to his name but has 16 assists which is the highest for his team. These two players do link up a lot each game with over 60% of passes to each other during each game. There is another midfield who I fancy quite a bit and he is no other than the Brazilian Oscar. He has performed well each time he comes to the pitch. So far for this season, he has scored 6 goals and 8 assists to his name for just only 25 games. The midfield battle will be fierce and whoever is capable to holding on to possession will be able to grow their momentum.

The previous Head-to-Head for these two teams favour Chelsea. There might be a slim chance for Arsenal to get ahead in this match and sneak the victory. The midfielders will have to control the game and create enough chances for Alexis Sanchez and Olivier Giroud to put the home side ahead. The defenders will have to be on their toes to keep Eden Hazard, Cesc Fabregas and Oscar quiet in the midfield. My prediction for this game would be a slim victory for the home side. It will be Arsenal 1 Chelsea 0. And of course may the best team on this special occasion.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Lenovo K80 - Another 4GB Smartphone

Recently there was so much about smartphones with 4GB of RAM. I guess Lenovo didn't want to be left out in this space also as they launched their own version of the 4GB smartphone; Lenovo K80.

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This smartphone will be directly competing with Asus's own version of their 4GB smartphone; Zenfone 2 ZE551ML. 

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The table below will show clearly the list of features between these phones.

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There is no official launch date on the Lenovo K80 smartphone yet. There are some sources which mention that the CPU will be the Intel® Atom™ Quad Core 1.8GHz while others mention Intel® Atom™ Quad Core 1.2GHz. Looking forward for the official information from the Lenovo website to finalize the CPU version.

As of now, both phones seem pretty similar but there are some unofficial sources which mention that the Lenovo K80 will be much cheaper than the Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML. I'm keen to know the pricing too as it might be time to get one of them! The Lenovo K80 comes with a huge battery of 4,000 mAh battery that should last you through the day. 

Let's hope to see this phone in our Malaysian market by Q3 2015!

Galaxy Korean Mart for all your Korean needs!

As of late with the hype of K-pop and the Korean dramas, I kind of notice more and more people start to enjoy Korean food. I personally like it and it is always great to try out new food menu with a bunch of friends.

I came across the Galaxy Korean Mart at Plaza Mont Kiara. The store is located at E-OG-01 & 04 and you will be able to find nearly all your Korean needs. There's a whole bunch of imported food stuff from sauce, noodles, cosmetics and more. You will definitely need to drop by here if you are looking for any Korean stuff. Plaza Mont Kiara is located at No.2, Jalan Kiara, Mont'Kiara 50480 Kuala Lumpur. To get here, you can refer to Google Maps or Waze to bring you directly here.

Now let me show you what are some of the stuff that you might be able to find here.

Good luck in your hunt for all your Korean food items and accessories! Happy Shopping!

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Good Food at Restoran Muara Duyung Enterprise

If you are ever down in Malacca and wonder where to find some good food at night, you might want to head over to this Restoran Muara Duyung Enterprise. 

To get to this location, you could easily open up Google Maps on your smartphone and search for Restoran Muara Duyung Enterprise which will return the search result of Medan Ikan Bakar Muara Sg Duyung. That location is exactly the same so you can follow that direction there. If you perform a search using waze using the restaurant name, the return search results will consist of Ikan Bakar Muara Sungai Duyung Melaka. You should select that for your journey to the restaurant.

So what's so good about this place?

Lots of fresh seafood at a reasonable pricing for sure! Else they won't be able to attract the locals and the tourists!

So if you are in Malacca and have no clue where to eat, you might want to try this seafood restaurant for some fresh seafood cooked with the yummy Malay recipes. This place is crowded around 7.30 pm onwards so you would want to be there earlier to be able to find a nice seat and also select the best seafood available. Enjoy your meal there!

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

herrliche bayern

It was a fantastic result for Bayern Munich who overcame the deficit of 3-1 from the first leg. Credit to the players and also for Pep Guardiola's tactics to make the best of what they had despite some injuries to the key players.

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Thiago Alcantara, Jerome Boateng, Robert Lewandowski and Thomas Muller caused the damage as they mercilessly tore their Primeira Division opponents apart with scintillating passing, breathtaking movement and ruthless finishing.

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Bayern managed to excel in all areas to create that many opportunities for themselves. Porto was unfortunately to be on the receiving end. Credit to be given to the Porto team for going through the Champions League thus far. Better luck for them next season and I'm sure they will be a team to be reckon in the near future if they keep up their hardwork.

Well done to Bayern Munich who will now be anxiously waiting for their next opponents!