Sunday, 31 August 2014

Trip to Hat Yai

I made a trip to Hat Yai back in July earlier this year. Hat Yai is a city in southern Thailand near the Malaysian border. The flight from Kuala Lumpur took around 1 hour and 15 minutes and this is a popular spot for many Malaysians staying near the northern region.

The main purpose of the trip was to take time off my busy schedule and enjoy the weekend there while looking out for good food. There is a lot of tasty stuff there and I think I gained a few pounds before I got back to Kuala Lumpur.

There is lots of street food and I think these are some of the common stalls that you will come across. The fried chicken is something that is unforgettable as I have been eating them since young. It's great to be able to find them again! Yummy ... !

The Thai Mango Sticky Rice Pudding or commonly known as Khao Niaow Ma Muang in Thai is a Thai classic dessert. The sticky rice with freshly cut mango together with coconut sauce is just too delicious to resist!

While walking around the morning market, I found one stall selling BBQ pork. The aroma from the BBQ was too much to resist. It is definitely a MUST TRY if you encounter them. Looking at the pictures still bring back good memories of the BBQ pork and the wonderful taste of it!

Pad Thai is a stir-fried rice noodle dish commonly served as a street food and at casual local eateries in Thailand. Though plain looking, this dish is delicious with rice noodles, stir-fried egg, fish sauce, garlic, vegetables and chicken. This has become my favourite Thai dish and it's something that I don't miss whenever I am in Thailand.

Pineapple fried rice needs no further introduction as it's another common dish served by food restaurants. The fragrant friend rice served with cashew nuts, chicken cubes, pineapple with some fish sauce is definitely another dish you have to taste when you are in Thailand!

And there you go the highlights of all the great food for the last trip to Hat Yai! Looking forward to another delicious treat in Thailand soon.